Teach me to listen



This is a prayer “adapted by John Veltri, S.J.,” which appears in Hearts on Fire: Praying with Jesuits. I honestly can’t remember if we’ve had it before or not.  Whatever the case, it’s time for me to pay attention to it.

Teach me to listen, 0 God,
to those nearest me.
my family, my friends, my co-workers.
Help me to be aware that
no matter what words I hear.
the message is,
“Accept the person I am. Listen to me.”

Teach me to listen, my caring God,
to those far from me –
the whisper of the hopeless,
the plea of the forgotten,
the cry of the anguished.
Teach me to listen, O God my Mother.
to myself.

Help me to be less afraid
to trust the voice inside—
in the deepest part of me.

Teach me to listen, Holy Spirit,
for your voice—
in busyness and in boredom,
in certainty and in doubt.

Teach me, Lord, to listen. Amen

Wisdom Story – 235



From the Canadian Jesuit, Philip Chircop:

Once upon a time there was a man who was against war.  He got many people excited about his mission and built a large organization to speak out against the war.  Eventually people got tired and gave up on him and the mission.  He ended up standing outside the capital with an anti-war poster all alone.

One day, a passerby, noticing the lone protestor,  walked up to him and asked him in a chiding voice: “Do you really think you’re going to change the world?”

The man replied: “No, but I hope by showing up, the world will not change me.” 



This is a guest post by Kathy Olenik Henry.


A reflection on Matthew 17:1–9

Light and dark woven together
colors blend together to provide an image
threads of our lives
intertwined to create each unique life

Only God and I can see my tapestry
Not even my closest companion
not even my soul-mate
can know the full tapestry that is me.

Even I cannot see, at times.
The image changes
My eyes tune out the colors I do not wish to see
Only the brightest reveal their happy memories
But without the darker colors
the brighter shades are lost.

Our story
and God’s story

My birth
God’s plan


The Transfiguration
The light shining through the darkness
The apostles Peter, James, and John suddenly see
what had been shadowed by the darkness of human sight
Now they see as God sees
In light.

Kathy Olenik Henry has been involved in the faith formation of children and adults for 19 years. She holds a Masters in Religious Education from Loyola University, New Orleans, and has served as a catechist, DRE, youth minister, and retreat director. She lives in Ohio with her husband and five sons.