Thursdays with Thibodeaux – 4


Today Mark proposes an Examen centered on Spiritual Freedom:

  1. I begin in my usual way.
  1. I spend a few moments in gratitude, thanking God for one or two of the blessings, big and small, that I’ve received today: the good mood in which I woke up, a kind word from a friend, my undeserved good health, an easy commute to work, another day with my wonderful spouse.
  1. Looking back, I ask God, “What was my most unfree moment today?” That is: At what moment was I being carried away by my own fears, resentments, cravings, addictions, anxieties, or despairing thoughts? In my imagination, I return to that specific moment in my day. I imagine God and myself watching this moment together, side by side. I imagine that we can look not only at the externals, as though watching a video from a hidden camera, but also that we can look at the internal movements. In other words, God and I watch as my heart fills to the brim with the negative emotion that swept me away.
  1. I speak to God about what I see. I ask God for forgiveness or maybe for healing. I allow God to show me his perspective of the situation. Is there anything that I sense God is trying to tell me about this? I talk with him about this, especially acknowledging my deepest emotions about it.
  1. Looking back again, I ask, “What was my most spiritually free moment today?” In which moment did I feel and act free from negativity low and earthly thoughts and emotions? At what point did 1 feel most alive and most in sync with God, even if I didn’t notice it at the time?
  1. Just as before, I imagine God and myself watching this grace-filled moment. We replay the moment here in my prayer time. We observe not only what happened, but also what was going on deep in my heart. I speak to God about this. I allow God to show me his perspective. We talk about it for a while. We celebrate that moment.
  1. Now God and I look to tomorrow. How can I live my day tomorrow out of that freedom that I felt in today’s grace-filled moment? What attitudes and behaviors will I adopt in order to avoid the pit of that unfree moment? What is God calling me to do to live in spiritual freedom?
  1. I make whatever commitments I feel called to make. I ask God for help to keep that commitment.
  1. I end in my usual way.


Terminally Cute

I was trolling the internet the other day and came across this wonderful short video of a little Australian girl, Riley Dashwood, doing the most amazing trick shots.  Have a look.

The one where she gets the CD into the player absolutely floored me.


I guess we have all seen videos of dominoes toppling, but this video features cement blocks and they topple all the way from the mountains right down into the center center of Copenhagen.  I found it totally mesmerizing.  Enjoy!

Monday Music Moment – To Be a Pilgrim

In the week leading up to the feast of St. Ignatius, I’m asking you to indulge my ancestral religious roots and British upbringing.

Ignatius frequently referred to himself as a pilgrim.  Here, from the Reform tradition, is the only hymn attributed to John Bunyan (of The Pilgrim’s Progress fame.)

I chose this non-traditional version because the lyrics are clearest available on YouTube.