Wisdom Story – 219

The Ignatian Workout by Tim Muldoon

From Tim Muldoon’s The Ignatian Workout:

Once upon a time there was a man who loved living in his tropical paradise. Having been born on the island where his parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents had always lived, he held in his heart a special place for the beauty of the palm trees, the white sand, the sloping mountains, the gentle climate.

This man, approaching death, told his loved ones to place some island sand into each of his hands when he died, so that he might hold on to the memory of his beloved place forever. They did, and so the man proceeded to the gates of heaven still clutching the sand. At the gate, he was warmly greeted and told that as soon as he emptied his hands of the sand, he could enter into eternal joy.

The man was crushed, for he could not let go of what he loved so much, and so he waited. He waited for a long, long time: so long that at last his hands grew weary and could not longer hold the sand. It eventually slipped through his fingers, lost forever.

At that moment, Jesus came to him, holding the man as he sobbed at the loss of his memory, and said, “Come now and enter into your rest.” With that, Jesus walked with the man through the gates of heaven, where there before them both stretched out the entirety of the man’s beloved island.

This is way too long, but…

The Irish Jesuits recently sent me the following video. At more than 10 minutes, it’s too long and tedious for most people but, if you’re a real “Jesuitophile,” you might just stick through it (if the incredibly awful sound loop doesn’t drive you crazy first!)

I want to go there!


Denise, doyenne of our Bright Young Things, made a pilgrimage to Turkey earlier this year.  She recently showed me a book of some of her photographs and I was blown away.

The incredible ruins, the surrealistic landscape of Cappadocia, the spice markets, the tomb of Rumi, the Blue Mosque, the whirling dervishes… It made me yearn to see Ephesus and a dozen other places. I can’t remember ever being so smitten with a place just because of pictures.  I don’t know if I’ll ever get there but I’ll die trying.

Has there ever been a photo or a description of a place that has made you want to leave for the airport immediately?

Bonus? – Missing in Action…


Many of you will have noticed that I have been more absent than present these last couple of weeks in responding to comments.

Besides my duties at Loyola Press, I am also the “Father Superior” of two houses, one in Chicago and the other in South Bend.

Right now, I have two men down – one in neuro rehab in Des Plaines and the other in hospital in Evanston (different and fairly widely-spaced suburbs of Chicago.)  I’m stretched as thin as I’ve experienced in quite a while. And last night I spent most of the evening with a third in the Emergency Room after he collapsed at dinner…. Never a dull moment.

This isn’t, I hope, an appeal for sympathy… just wanted you know that I’m not sitting back and eating bon-bons!

I’m sorry for my absence. I hope to return to full participation soon.