Finding God in Plane Sight

Okay, okay.  The title of this post is too cute.  This past weekend, my colleague Terry Locke and I went to a conference at Santa Clara University near San Jose.  This involved a 4+ hour flight from Chicago.  It always surprises me how easy it is to pray on planes.  It’s not that I’m scared and begging for a safe landing, it’s more  like I get to go on a mini retreat.  I’m taken out of my normal routine, have no access to phones or the internet (although I hear that’s changing) and so I have the time and the (psychic but not physical) space to think and to pray.

On the way out, I was in an aisle seat and so didn’t get to see much, but on the way home I had a window seat and was able to look down and contemplate God’s good Earth.  I love how the landscape changes; on the way home we went from the verdant Bay Area to the freshly snow-capped mountains, across the desert  into the prairies and finally getting a glimpse of Chicago’s skyscrapers before we landed.  I find myself thanking God for wonder and variety of creation and I ask God to take care of us and help us use the gift of the Earth wisely.

Is there a place for you that provides the opportunity for a mini-retreat?


  1. Jean says

    I like the time I have each day commuting to work on the bus and train. It’s not long, but there’s just enough time each way to feel like a mini-retreat as I begin and end each work day. My thoughts turn to God. I ask God to bless the people in my life, events & situations that I will or have faced, events going on in the world or neighborhood, and the folks commuting with me. These mini-retreats are enough to help me stay focused and mindful and sane.

  2. Paul says


    I’m sorry I haven’t replied until now. What a wonderful way to use your commute. My own commute is very short and all I did this morning was moan and groan about the fact that my car wasn’t warming up as quickly as I wanted. I’ll take the hint from you and try to have a better attitude on my return journey this evening.


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