Poll: Year For Priests Questions

VotingThe “bright young things” and I sat down yesterday afternoon and decided that the following ten questions [in no particular order] most deserved my attention.  Please vote for your favorites and the top five will get a post from me on the subject.

As my friend Meredith is fond of reminding me: Kyrie Elesion, Christe Elesion, Kyrie Elesion…

Here we go:


  1. Eric says

    Very hard to choose, though I did not spend a lot time on the tattoo question. I would never allow some biker guy with a needle be poking my skin. My wife and my daughter each have several. Yuk!

  2. Paul says


    I don’t have any tattoos, but I have had the occasional urge to get A.M.D.G. inked on my upper arm. Trouble is, the darned thing are — essentially — there forever and I bet I’d look pretty stupid as an 85 year-old with a wrinkly tattoo!


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