Profound Gratitude

Last week I had a root canal.  Not terribly pleasant, but nothing remarkable.  Just part of life. Then it became infected.  It got to the point a few days ago where I found myself praying for death.  Sounds overly dramatic – and probably is – but at that time, I was so miserable that I didn’t want to keep on going.

Yesterday I posted about the second anniversary of the blog and many of you responded with such kindness and support that it has made a real and important difference for me.  It has cheered me up beyond measure and given energy to my determination to get back in the game.

So, thank you. I am completely grateful.  Let’s keep reaching out to one another to help and support those of us who are feeling low.  I’m not talking about enabling anyone’s sickness, but is there someone who, today, could benefit from an encouraging word from you?


  1. BobT says

    Hope you are feeling better. Believe it or not, today’s dentistry is one of the things I thank God for. There are no “good old days” as far as dentistry is concerned!

  2. says

    What Andie said!

    And do feel better. I really dislike going to the dentist and am very overdue in facing one. God help you with your pain and me with my avoidance.

    And yes – let us all carry each other with great love.

  3. Marg says

    Nothing is worse than tooth pain. Feel better soon, Paul.

    I find that when I feel as down as I can be, someone pops in front of me that needs me, even the miserable me. There are times to be greatful for that; probably not when you are in physical pain, tho.

    When I am able to help someone else it takes away the blues.


  4. Marie says

    Hope you’re feeling better. You’re experience gives a whole new meaning to the expression: “There’s no toothache like my toothache.” God bless all you do!

  5. Angela says

    Too much chocolate cake : )
    Ice cold water with a sprig of mint helps ease the pain a bit.

    Don’t treat mouth infections lightly; very close to brain and heart.
    Get well and feel well soon.

  6. Eric says

    I pray for swift and full healing of your tooth. You have my sympathy for and understanding of the not wanting to go on feeling.

  7. Carol says

    I am sorry to hear in addition to a root canal you got an infection.
    Dramatic–Not! It can be very serious.
    I am praying for your healing and your improvement.

    I am so grateful for this Blog community

  8. Emma says

    You should have let us know that you were sick, then we could have prayed for you!!! You also, just reminded me of all the people who are ill and have no access to doctors, dentists, etc. We should pray for them also! As for me, I find that when I’m sick, I tell everyone to leave me alone, then, feel sorry for myself because they do! What’s with THAT???? Sending you prayers for a speedy, pain free recovery!

  9. says

    Fr. Paul,
    Please know that this community is privileged to pray for each other and that includes praying for you. I’m often amazed at the power of prayer. God is so good. May you feel better quickly and may you reach out for our prayers in the future.
    God bless, Lynda

  10. says

    Wishing you all the very best Paul. I know that pain is a terrible thing ( I have had chronic progressive rheumatoid arthritis since the age of 40 and find some days a real struggle).
    Take it easy and don’t worry !
    Bless You

  11. says

    I’ve been there. Done that. Hope never to again. I read once that isolated miners in Alaska suffering from infected teeth would go to incredible lengths to pull the tooth – and after my experience, no longer think the writer was being overly dramatic.

    I hope you are feeling better soon, and being gentle with yourself. And thanks, Emma, for the reminder to pray for those without good access to health care!

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