When I Say “Yes” To Jesus…

Vinita, who works with me here at Loyola Press, recently asked a few of us an interesting question: “When you say ‘yes’ to Jesus, to what are you saying ‘yes’?”  Here was what I wrote: “In saying ‘yes’ to Jesus, I am embracing the world with all its brokenness, all its suffering, all its joys and all its goodness.  I am consciously placing myself with Jesus Christ and offering my life in service to my sisters and brothers.”

When you say ‘yes’ to Jesus, to what are you saying ‘yes’?


  1. says

    When I say ‘yes’ I think that I am consenting to his will, whatever that may be. I am choosing him over me, and that is sometimes difficult. It is saying that I recognize who he is, what he does, and that his love (grace) is sufficient. It is surrendering to the unknown, the darkness, and from that ‘yes’, having the confidence, the knowledge that ‘all will be well’.

  2. Marg says

    When I say yes to Jesus, I am letting go. Sort of leaping out into the dark unknown with faith and trust that I have nothing to fear. Saying yes is letting go of anxiety and worry. God will provide, I will find the way. It may not be my way, but in the end all will be right. The letting go of my way is the indeed the hardest part.


    • Paul says


      If I’d read your comment before replying to Andie I’d have known that I was simply repeating your sentiments, but less eloquently!


  3. Tim Merriman says

    When I said yes to Jesus, I gave myself away to find me within Christ. I was able to escape from being all about me. It’s about leaving behind the worries, anxiety, headaches and heartaches, and learning to find what God wants me to do. I learned to let go and not only forgive those that offended me, but being able to forgive myself for offending others. I learned that when I screw up, God will take me back, regardless of how stupid I was. When I said yes to Jesus, I learned to walk a path in a way that others may want to follow. Learning to say yes to Jesus was a long time coming.


    • Paul says


      Thank you. I’m still learning (and relearning and re-relearning) to leave worries and anxieties behind. I’m still struggling to find constructive ways to forgive myself for constantly screwing up. I’m glad that you’ve found your way.


  4. says

    I think there are many ways to say “yes” to Jesus. There is certainly the “yes” where I made the decision that I believed that He is the Christ and I wanted to follow Him. Then everyday there are the opportunities of saying “yes” and, to quote Andie’s comment, of “choosing him over me”. These opportunities present me with challenges that I feel incapable of meeting and yet when I say “yes”, I am totally amazed at what God can do through me. God is interested in my availability or willingness to say “yes” rather than my ability to do a particular task for He will provide.

    • Paul says


      “God is interested in my availability or willingness to say “yes” rather than my ability to do a particular task for He will provide.” Yes, yes, yes. I believe. Help my unbelief.


  5. Tim Merriman says

    While from behind, a voice shall sound in your ears: “This is the way; walk in it,” when you would turn to the right or to the left. – Isaiah 30:21

  6. says

    When I say yes to Jesus I find that I am getting out of my own way and letting His way through. It is to remove my mask and ego, my will – not easily done and to be Christ in the world. It is to give up that final “but…” and to surrender.

    And to begin again when needed, which for me is frequent.

  7. Angela says

    I’ve always been afraid to say “yes” to Jesus because I thought it would automatically mean saying “no” to me. But the times I was able to say “yes”, I found myself feeling free of the world and its opinions, my heart light and care free and my soul at peace.

    • Paul says


      I completely understand the dynamic of being afraid to say “yes” to Jesus because it might result in self-destruction. Even though I know it doesn’t happen, I still have the fear.


      • hala mckee says

        Hi Paul,
        I too struggle with the letting go – the huge burning need to be myself in a world whose values I often despise with a burning hatred. It seems the more I ‘step out of the boat’ onto the water my share of pain increases. What to do with this pain?

  8. says

    Augustine on receiving the Body of Christ, as the Body of Christ: “To that which you are, you answer: ‘Amen'; and by answering, you subscribe to it.”

    My “yes” comes in many sizes: the little “yes” to listening to the difficult colleague, the everything “yes” I made during the Exercises…but each “yes” is an emptying out and a making of space, to let who I am called to be – for Christ, for others – flower forth.

  9. Emma says

    To walk with Love, not only for those who think I’m wonderful, but to love those who push me away, ridicule or who strike out in anger. To be a steward for Him, not only for other people, but for all of Creation. To accept His Counsel above all others. To be fearless!!!!

    • Paul says


      You strike me as the fearless sort, whether by nature or having learned it. Either way, it’s the key to boldness in following Christ.

      You’re right, of course, that we need to love everyone, especially those who don’t seem to love us.


  10. Linda M. says

    I can’t remember how I found this particular place in cyberspace, but I am so thankful that I have!

    As a lurker of at least six months, I learn so much from all of your sharing. I had no intention of ever responding, but feel compelled to let you know how much I benefit from your ideas. Thanks and God’s blessings to you all in 2011.

  11. Paul says

    Lynda M.,

    I’m so happy that you found us and we found you. I, too, lurk at blogs and rarely comment. Thank you for taking the plunge. Let’s voyage together in 2011 and see where it takes us, okay?


  12. Teresa Subaryani D.H.S says

    When I said Yes to Jesus, it’s consists of commitment, consistency, and consequence. Live it with help from God.

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