Bonus – Denise Declares A Milestone!

Denise came in this morning with some great news.  We have exceeded 10,000 comments on the blog!

To put that in perspective, I have only ever offered about a dozen comments on other people’s blogs – and I am a chatty Irishman!  It is a tribute to you all that we so enjoy chatting with each other.  And in such a positive way.  Long may it last.

Remember, if you post a comment upon this Bonus, it will help us toward the next 10,000!


  1. says

    Wonderful!! Both the content and comments here feed my soul to be sure….Thanks to Denise and Paul, the Bright Young Things and our chatty community of PFOers!

    A toast (with hot chocolate!)

  2. Simon says

    Given that the early days were presumably thinly populated, that is very impressive. Congrats on a job well done.

  3. Denise says

    Let me add my thanks to everyone who contributes regularly to making this blog what it is! 10,001…10,002…10,003… :)

  4. Bob says

    Never did a Blog before, but this was so natural and comfortable. I think we can predict one another’s moods. We certainly benefit from the comments and insight each person adds.

    Hot chocolate is nice but I was hoping for some Bailey’s!!! After all, 10,014 comments is a pretty bid deal.

  5. says

    What a milestone! PFO has become an important community to me and I appreciate all that I have learned from Paul, Denise, guest post-ers, the Bright Young Things, and the PFO community. We really have become a community. Thanks everyone.

  6. Emma says

    I remember one of my first posts here. I remember the “host” saying…….”I’m putting this up here because very few people ever read the “comments” section.” Boy, has that changed!!! :)

    Brightest Blessings!

  7. Jewel says

    Great to hear that, I am one of your consistent follower. I make sure that I open your website every morning, to give me inspiration.
    I also used one of your wisdom story when I did my talk to our Magis retreat here in Toronto, Canada.
    Keep it up the good work.


  8. says

    Actually, the remarkable thing about this blog isn’t just about reaching the 10,000 comments mark- it’s really about the civility and good humour you manage to maintain in the comments section.

  9. Katy says

    I enjoy checking in here and the “sense of community”, I appreciate all those who have replied to any comment I may have posted too.

    Congratulations and long may it continue!

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