The Best Way To Teach Someone?

We haven’t had anything from Criggo lately.  It’s sad what happened, of course, but I still roared with laughter when I read it…


I wonder how many times I have [metaphorically] shot myself in the foot to “prove” some ludicrous point…


  1. says

    Oh Paul, moments ago I was moaning as I commented on Tuesday’s post- and now this. I prayed for God to help me turn my heart and you have been the instrument.

    Shooting self in foot. Oh, that is rich! Not you – oh, just in general. Thank you!

  2. Jim says

    Sadly, I know someone who’s shooting himself in the foot to prove a point right now. A distant relative moved to town about a year ago, and his job search is going badly. Being new to town, his local career network is entirely made up of (well-connected) relatives who already live here. He thinks, though, that since he’s from a bigger city, he knows more about networking than they do. In trying to prove it, he’s shown complete contempt for their efforts to help, so he’s burning the few bridges he’s got, and he really isn’t building any new ones while he’s at it.

    I would like to know more about Gary Blantz, but a Google search only brings up this same clip from dozens of other sites. Mostly, I want to know if he was easier to bring down because he had a gunshot wound to the foot. Because that would really make this story complete.

  3. Denise J says

    I know I did it all the time as an adolescent. Sometimes it’s funny, some times it just makes me “face palm” when I watch my own kids do it now.

  4. Emma says

    This sounds like the bishops! God help them, the more they try to set things right, the more they shoot themselves in the foot. Gotta luv ’em! :) (maybe I shouldn’t say that here) What they need are a few good women. :)

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