• Paul says


      It is sweet, isn’t it? [Having said that, my chief memory of my sister at home was her saying, “It’s time for Paul to go to bed!”


  1. Dolly says

    And Sr. Sheila is still a missionary in Brazil. How blessed is the womb that bore you all! Thanks for sharing such an inspiring picture, the message is powerful…

  2. Emma says

    Is that you??? Awwwww, so sweet and innocent. :)
    Next, maybe you’ll share one of those polyester, bell -bottomed photos?
    LM –O :)

    • Emma says

      Now that I take a second look, you’re right, he doesn’t look at all innocent. In fact, both look as if they’ve just pulled one off together! :)

    • Paul says


      Several years ago I sent my sister a birthday card with nuns on the cover. One of my sister’s community members was shocked to discover that she was in the picture. The card company had ripped off one of the congregation’s vocation pamphlets from the 1950s!


  3. Sheila, Paul's sister says

    Well, and I almost missed this!! Yes, Paul, you were a scamp but thank God the Jesuits took you in hand and you have developed into a wonderful, sensitive man. I am now 63, look much the same except for the white hair now!! And still enjoying missionary life in Brazil!

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