• Lynda says

        Yes, Newtown weighs heavily on all of us all around the world. It is a senseless tragedy which calls upon us to change much of what we do as a society. Please God we will heed that call.

      • Simon says

        I am just trying to think “why”? All in God’s good time will we understand, no doubt, not before. In the meantime, prayers for all those affected.

        • Carol says

          Prayers and peace for all.

          The world which seems so massive to me at times feels very small at the moment.
          A couple that had resided with their family in Winnipeg moved back to Newtown. Their precious daughter lost her life.

          The piano guys did this so beautifully.

      • annette says

        Ha! Always, yes! But I meant with this version of the is one of my favorites! Never heard this one though. But the low notes really made me feel like the yearning for him to come was real and urgent. I think in years like this one, it is!

    • Jim says

      I steal what time I can. With a full-time job, a new house, and a two-year-old, my days are often too full for any kind of hobby. I get in enough practice time to maintain my skill, anyway.

      I started playing the violin three years ago, when one of my wife’s relatives gave me an old violin to fix up. I wish I had started in fourth grade, when I really wanted to learn but was afraid of looking like a sissy. I hope I can at least give my son more self-confidence than I had, especially since he has much better violinist’s fingers than I do. Meanwhile, I’ll learn to play as well as I can in the time that’s given to me.

  1. says

    I arrived in Santiago de Compostela in June and spent four days there enjoying some (atypical!) fine sunny weather. My second day I was loafing in the main square in front of the cathedral, seeing who I might see that I had met walking, when I noticed that a grand piano was being unloaded. Sure enough, a few hours later, there was a free concert with two pianists. It was an unexpected joy- one of many street-music treats in the time I had in Santiago.

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