1. Lynda says

    “I believe that this is what Jesus asks of me and it is certainly what I beg of Him.” I appreciate this sentence of yours very much as well as the line in the song – “No I won’t be afraid just as long as you stand by me.” I cling to Jesus’ encouragement to us to “Be not afraid.”

    Thank you for this encouraging way to begin a new week.

  2. Emma says

    Finally. One that I’ve heard :) The one song that reminds me of you and others who have chosen God over family life is an old Beatles Song, “In My Life.” I always wondered why anyone would choose to not have their own family, then I heard those words : “I know I’ll never lose affection, for people and things that went before. I know I’ll often stop and think about them, but in my life, I love you more.” I doubt that they had that in mind, but the whole of it speaks to a falling in love with God. Like, “But these memories lose their meaning, when I think of love as something new. ” Then, I thought, “Oh now I get it ” Duh!

      • Emma says

        When I think of dysfunctional families or certain family members I try to remind myself that none of the disciples deserved to have their feet washed at the Last Supper, but Jesus did it anyways. Even for Judas. If it was good enough for Him…….makes the dysfunction easier to contend with :)

  3. says

    I have never thought of this song in this way, but I love that you posted it. And now I will be thinking of it in this new light. Finding God in all things, such a beautiful way to live. Thank you for inviting us to live this way along with you Paul!

  4. Dolly says

    I needed to hear this especially today…and for the days ahead….and I guess, forever! Praise God for the way he speaks to us!
    Thank you, Fr. Paul, for channeling his grace.

  5. Denise J says

    There’s something about this song that reminds me of the psalms. Or maybe that’s just becuase I’m still trying to write one of my own. Regardless, it is a lovely prayer and a lovely way to start off the week. Thank you.

    Denise J

    • Paul says


      I’m delighted. I can’t say it reminded me of the Psalms, but, hey, I’m going to try and think new thoughts!


  6. says

    Well, one thing we know is that it is we who walk away, not Jesus. So I am sure he is always standing by you…and me. Thanks be to God.

    But I happened to have my Bible opened next to me to when Mary visits Elizabeth and I imagined that was what those two may have experienced both being in precarious positions.

    It also brings to mind two songs that I feel as you do about this one…James Taylor’s “You’ve Got a Friend” and Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”

    • Paul says


      I love both those songs!

      You reminded me of one of Fredrick Beuchner’s great pieces where he talks about the two disciples escaping from Jerusalem and heading for Emmaus. He points out that it is precisely when we’re trying to run away that Jesus walks closest to us.


      • says

        I had a great conversation with a French friend while walking on the Camino from Cluny last year. I was talking about how, since I’d been orphaned as a teen, it was really hard for me to believe Jesus was around to do anything when life was tough. My friend put his hand over mine on my walking baton and told me that when things are tough, Jesus walks beside us. After that, whenever the walking got tough, I just knew Jesus had his hand over mine on the walking baton, sticking with me through the tough bits. Jesus- a fellow walker on the path.

  7. Ruth Ann says

    I lost my husband 16 months ago, music is the way I get through some of the pain. My faith in God is so strong now. and I pray for the grace to keep me on the right path. Thank you for the songs they just seem to be what I need to hear.

  8. mike says

    you know I just listened to that Diane D. Mozart thing and I did not want to leave your blog knowing you “by the the worst thing you ever did” (Sr. Prejean) .I just happened to press on another day in hope of something that was more inspiring than being screched at. Ben E. King had the ability to touch those who need needed a loving caress.I lost my wife last year in Sept. and this brought her to me very intensely. May all of us realize in whatever we do that we honor God by touching souls with kindness and being. Not our abilities but Gods. Peace Mike

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