1. Lynda says

    As I watched this segment what came to mind is that God spoke and Matt Weber listened and said, “Here I am, Lord”.

    Thank you for sharing this book and Matt’s joy with us.

  2. says

    I gave this book to my college aged son for Christmas and enjoyed watching him read it, grinning and nodding. Now I want to read it…thanks for taking us along on this book tour!

  3. Jim says

    I’m very introverted, and I usually find these videos a bit taxing to my energies. I’m still considering his first point while he’s moved on to his third! Today, though, I’m finding the enthusiasm for life and purpose refreshing. I just spent half an hour writing an email advising my sister-in-law on dealing with a conflict with her in-laws. It was an exercise in coaching Ignatian discernment without (1) bringing religion into it or (2) implying I’m not totally on her side. It was demanding work! Matt’s enthusiasm for doing valuable things with his time is just what I needed this morning.

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