Principles & Foundations 9

Father Holding Baby's FootIgnatian Spirituality profoundly reverences each person as she or he is.

Ignatian Spirituality honors and sustains the desire for a deeper friendship with God.  It encourages; it gives witness; it cares about your friendship with God.

It respects each person as she or he is doesn’t expect people to be already sorted out.  Famously “going in their door,” it reverences each person and accepts people wherever they are on their spiritual journeys.

It encourages people to acknowledge that God loves them, wants to be close to them, has dreams for them and desires to work with and through them.


  1. Simon says

    I love that Ignatian spirituality doesn’t expect everyone to be “already sorted out”. If that had been an underlying assumption, I suspect there would be some distinctly disappointed individuals confronting the world.

    • Paul says


      How many of us are “already sorted out”? I think I may have met a handful of such blessed people in my life.”


  2. Tim says

    A talented performer once sang…

    I took the good times, I’ll take the bad times
    I’ll take you just the way you are

    Don’t go trying some new fashion
    Don’t change the color of your hair
    You always have my unspoken passion

  3. Katy says

    I have just watched the video clip. Telling God what is on my mind is easy. The difficulty is in listening to what HE says. All advice welcome please.

    ps Happy weekend PFO’ers – yes I know it is only Thursday but it is soooooooo beautiful here at the moment with sunshine and blue sky. Hurrah!

    Finally feels like spring.

    • Emma says

      My experience is somewhat like yours. I DO hear what He says. I just, more often than not, choose to ignore Him and do things my own way. Usually, He then gets louder, more insistant. I know what He wants, but at times just veer off course. That subtle tinge of guilt, that still small hunch that I tell myself “I can’t do that ” or “That can’t be right ” then nags away until I give in to it. Part stems from growing up in an environment openly hostile to religion (especially Christianity) . For me, it all comes down to trust. Do I trust God enough to fully put myself in His Hands, or do I do it my own way?

    • Paul says


      I was initially confused about the reference to the video clip… and then I realized that Denise has been weaving her magic – as usual.


  4. says

    “It respects each person as she or he is doesn’t expect people to be already sorted out.”

    This is the vital part for me…personally and in regards to others.

    • Paul says


      Who was it who said, “In the army of the Lord, only the wounded can serve”?


  5. Denise J says

    I am looking at this post, and seeing if I can replace the word “it” with “I.” And where I can’t yet — I’m working on it.

    Denise J.

    • Paul says


      I’m impressed. I would never have thought to replace “it” with “I.” Well done.


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