1. Lynda says

    Thank you for sharing this reflection. The stance of the good thief in turning to Christ fills me with joy for those many thousands who will experience the Sacraments of Initiation at the Easter Vigil. Blessed Triduum to all.

  2. Emma says

    All creation shudders at the murder of its Maker. The earth trembles, the sky darkens and even the rocks rent themselves. Yet, there is hope in the eyes of the thief. A little light still shines. Beautiful. Let me add to Lynda’s “Blessed Triduum! “

  3. Emma says

    Can’t help but wonder if anyone else here has ever been arrested? If not, let me share. It is one of the most humiliating experiences EVER! Handcuffed, thrown in the back of a cruiser by people who have no interest in you, but only the deed. Stripsearched, fingerprinted, mugshot, and locked in a cell. Whoops! Once all the formalities are over with, you have time to reflect. It can go one of two ways at that moment. You either get defensive and self righteous or you acknowledge that you might be responsible for your predicament. But, if you run into someone who you know shouldn’t be there, then you have to see the flaws in the system. You either side with that person or continue to wallow in self pity and anger. The two on the hill with Jesus reflect our own choices. Acknowledge our own transgressions, repent and reconcile or continue to refuse to acknowledge our failures and harden our hearts. One chose life, one chose death. Choose Life! Please.

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