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People for Others – working together to find God in all things is a blog about how, when we strive together to live for Christ, we become men and women for others. Because God’s love and grace can be discerned in all places and situations, People for Others wants to help Christians to discover just how active God has been, and is, in their lives.

Paul Brian Campbell is a Jesuit priest, Publisher of Loyola Press, and the principal voice of People for Others. Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Paul grew up learning that the beauty and majesty of this world could be marred by hatred and violence. After 5 years with the Jesuits in Dublin, Paul moved to Paris to study Philosophy and to Japan to study Theology. After ordination to the priesthood, Paul studied Communications at Syracuse and then taught there at Le Moyne College for several years. A mid-life career change took him to Hollywood for a brief but exciting stint as a Producer before coming to work on Mission, Identity, and Online Community at Loyola Press. (If you want to learn even more about Paul, check out his 8 autobiographical posts: The Long And Winding Road)

People for Others is sponsored by Loyola Press, a non-profit publishing ministry of the Chicago-Detroit Province of the Society of Jesus which, for more than 100 years, had been devoted to providing faith formation materials to parishes and schools and which also produces books and other resources which help to honor and sustain individuals who desire a closer friendship with God.

His hope for the blog is that it will become a springboard for thoughts, words and deeds that help people more become more deeply aware that God can be found in every one, in every place and in everything.

Fair Warning!  In compliance with FCC Guidelines for bloggers, please note that as an employee of Loyola Press, he will from time to time promote products and services of Loyola Press.  He receives no compensation of any kind when he writes about other products and services.

Further, although he is a member of the Society of Jesus [Jesuits], the views he expresses in this blog are not necessarily those of the Jesuits or Loyola Press.

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