Monday Music Moment – Happy Day

I was looking for something else when I came upon this track, “Happy Day” from the group, “Time for Three.”  I can’t even describe what genre of music it is, but I do like it.

Wisdom Story – 244


Rabbi Moshe took a trip to a strange land. He took a donkey, a rooster, and a lamp. Since he was a Jew, he was refused hospitality in the village inns, so he decided to sleep in the woods.

He lit his lamp to study the holy books before going to sleep, but a fierce wind came up, knocking over the lamp and breaking it. The rabbi decided to turn in, saying, “All that God does, he does well.” During the night some wild animals came along and drove away the rooster and thieves stole the donkey. Moshe wake up, saw the loss, but still proclaimed easily, “All that God does, he does well.”

The rabbi then went back to the village where he was refused lodging, only to learn that enemy soldiers had invaded it during the night and killed all the inhabitants. He also learned that these soldiers had traveled through the same part of the woods where he lay asleep. Had his lamp not been broken he would have been discovered. Had not the rooster been chased, it would have crowed, giving him away. Had not the donkey been stolen, it would have brayed. So once more Rabbi Moshe declared, “All that God does, he does well!”



The Bitches of Ghent


I began my overseas adventure by attending the annual meeting of Jesuit Webmasters. (We can out-nerd practically everyone!) It took place at a beautiful Jesuit spirituality center housed in a former Benedictine monastery in Drongen, Beligum.

On the last afternoon, we were taken for a walking tour of nearby Ghent by a charming older Belgian Jesuit who spoke excellent English.

At the outset, he made some general remarks about the city, including the remarkable claim that, “There are more bitches in Ghent than in Bruges.”  Several of us had a startled reaction. “Father, what did you mean to say?” “I said that, surprising as it may seem, there are more bitches in Ghent than in Bruges.”

“Bitches?”  “Yes, bitches.”

“Female dogs?”  “No, bitches.  The things you use to cross canals and rivers…”

Later in the tour, when he mentioned the “Jew trees” outside many churches, we quickly figured out that he was talking about yews…

(Image by Mathias Ripp under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.)