Monday Music Moment – La Marseillaise

by Paul on July 14, 2014

Happy Bastille Day!  For all those who love France, there is never enough time to celebrate her beauty, her charm, her seductive allure.

Because the holiday falls on a Monday this year, it seems only right that we should have La Marseillaise.  Of the dozens of versions available, I have chosen the famous scene from Casablanca. Stirring music plus Bergman & Bogie.  Does it get any better?


Wisdom Story – 206

by Paul on July 11, 2014

1850ukr_pesahThere’s a Hasidic tale about a famous rabbi who was on his way to teach a village that was very interested in his ideas. This was going to be a very big event, and each Jew in the community made great preparations, pondering what question he or she might ask the wise man.

The rabbi finally arrived and, after the initial welcome, he was taken into a large room where people gathered to ask their questions. There was tremendous anticipation and excitement all around.

The rabbi walked silently around the room and then began to hum a Hasidic tune. Before long, everyone started humming along with his soft voice. As people became comfortable with his song, the rabbi started to dance. He danced everywhere in the room, and, one by one, every person danced with him. Soon everyone in the whole community was dancing wildly together. Each person’s soul was healed by the dance, and everyone experienced a personal transformation.

Later in the night, the rabbi gradually slowed the dance and eventually brought it to a stop. He looked into everyone’s eyes and said gently, “I trust that I have answered all of your questions.”



Kyle Cupp’s Understanding of God

by Paul on July 10, 2014

When Kyle Cupp visited, one of the topics we discussed was how we can understand God. “It would be puzzling if we could make sense of God,” Cupp says in the below video. But he’s “felt closest to God in acts of love.”

Kyle is the author of Living by Faith, Dwelling in Doubt.


Jesuit Joke – Redux

by Paul on July 9, 2014

iStock_000000365659Medium.jpgSeveral of you asked for more Jesuit jokes.  I don’t quite know why.  This is from Felix Just, S.J.’s online collection:

One cold winter’s day in Bethlehem, just after he had been born, Jesus is lying asleep in the manger. Awaking from his nap, he opens his eyes, sees the ox and the ass standing beside him, and thinks to himself, “So this is the Company of Jesus!”


A Simple, Sincere and Serene Life

by Paul on July 8, 2014

Path in a French ParkI came upon this prayer at a Christian website, Forward Movement, and liked it very much.  There was no author listed so I searched around on the internet and, although it appears on several sites, no one seems to know where it came from.

Dear God, grant me this day to live a simple, sincere and serene life,
Letting go every thought of anxiety, discouragement, self-seeing,
Cultivating joy, generosity, love, and the habit of holy silence.
Grant me to be faithful in the habits of prayer, work, study, exercise,
eating and sleeping.

As I cannot by my own strength do this,
nor even with the hope of success attempt it,
I look to you, O Lord my Father, in Jesus Christ my Savior
and ask for the gift of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


When I first heard this song as an angst-ridden teenager, it seemed to be my own anthem.  All these years later, I believe I have found several corners in the sky.


4 July 2014

by Paul on July 4, 2014

Two years ago, I posted a video of Mo Cheeks helping a young girl get through the national anthem.  This year, I’ve found one of the whole crowd at Fenway Park helping a man with autism sing the anthem.  It brings a lump to my throat.



by Paul on July 3, 2014

I love “Bad Newspaper” and this one made me both laugh and cringe at the same time.



One Question with Richard Cole

by Paul on July 2, 2014

It’s one question time again. This time, I sat down with Richard Cole, author of Catholic by Choice. The question: How is the Church evolving since you entered it?



Congratulations to our northern neighbors on Canada Day.  Long may you prosper.